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Questions tagged [ajax]

For questions related to the use of AJAX that are specific to Sitecore (i.e. not general AJAX questions that would be better suited for StackOverflow)

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Sitecore Forms onclick of back button clearing data

I have a country field in Sitecore Forms which gets data populated from AJAX call on page load. When I enter all the values in the form and navigation to next page all the fields looks fine. I am ...
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jQuery AJAX GET request returning “parsererror” error response message

In a scope of Sitecore Web project an API Contoller is used. Got the following response error message during jQuery AJAX GET API request: On a back-end side I use IHttpActionResult action method that ...
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Restricting user from forcing manual submit to the Sitecore Url

Looking for the best practices to tackle a user behavior in my Sitecore 7.5 application. Basically there is an action method decorated with the [HttpPost] attribute. This action is invoked through ...
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Base URL is not coming correctly in AJAX call on landing page of sub site

My current Sitecore project has a multisite with URL structure as follows Whenever I do an AJAX call from the subsite landing page the base URL is coming as ...
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Submit WFFM via javascript ajax post without reloading the page?

I have a WFFM form on a page that has a lot of dynamic content. When the form is submitted, the page reloads (as a postback) to display the success message, which also reloads all of the content on ...
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Calling component from another component via anchor link

I have a modal component which is basically a popup with some content in it. I have to ask if it is possible to link that component from another component. For example I have anchor link in another ...
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