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Questions tagged [amazon-web-services]

All the questions related to the integration of Sitecore and Amazon Web Service (AWS).

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Facing issue while trying to upload a batch file in Sitecore CDP

The first api call is The above API returns the Url where the file is to be uploaded Next call will be to the upload url which ...
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Amazon S3 integration with Sitecore 9.3 Media library files

I am working on the integration of Amazon S3 integration with Sitecore 9.3 Media library files. I am new to Amazon S3 integration and searched the implementation with Sitecore. I didn't find anything. ...
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Is there a connector to Azure AppInsights for VM Sitecore Instances

We are currently running Sitecore 9.0 on AWS instances but will be moving to 9.3 on Azure. We have 4 production CD servers, so tracking down issues in the log files is tedious to say the least, as we ...
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Amazon RDS and SQL Session State

I am setting up an environment with the databases stored on Amazon RDS. I am running into a problem with using SQL Session State. I get the YSOD with this error: Parser Error Message: Synonym '...
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Install Sitecore from EKS Cluster

I followed this link, to install Sitecore 10.3. But in real time, we need to update the secret in aws secret manager. So, I followed this link, All the pods are working as expected. But When I tried ...
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