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Any questions related to API integration including various API services provided by Sitecore like JSS, LayoutService etc

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Is there any known performance difference between Item.Axes.GetDescendants() and recursive Item.GetChildren()?

I was wondering if there is any known difference (mostly performance related) between those two methods of retrieving all children of a given Item. The first one will give me all levels of children in ...
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Sitecore OData MaxDepth $expand

I need to retrieve Sitecore item fields and its properties with more than few levels and while running the below query https://sc92instance/sitecore/api/ssc/aggregate/content/Items('76516a9f-203d-4006-...
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Create item with branch as template using ItemService API

Good afternoon, I'm trying to create Item using REST API and branch ID as the Template ID the service returns a 400 "Template is invalid" error. Does anyone know if there is a way to create ...
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Contacts not enrolling in Automation Plan in XP Scaled topology

I am using events to enrol contacts in a Marketing Automation plan, and it works fine in XP Single topology, but in an XP Scaled topology (Azure PaaS) the contacts are not being enrolled. The plan is ...
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How to get data from an API using XM Cloud

I am new to Sitecore products and my company has just purchased XM Cloud. I have gone through tutorials and classes about how to create and edit a site but I still do not understand how I can get ...
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How to use the REST API to fetch data from Content Hub using Postman

Using Content Hub v4.2 I would like to fetch the data in Content Hub using the REST API, but couldn't find any Postman related examples. I tried this to get the token with no luck. Is it the right ...
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REST client API, item creation using branch template [duplicate]

it's the same issue mentioned in: Create Item using REST API and Branch as template. Wanted to know if any solution was found for the issue mentioned in the above post. I am using version Sitecore 10....
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2 answers

Sitecore api- create item with multilist and Media item

I am using sitecore rest api, I am able to create item, also populate Content item values (for Field type Single-line) with PoSt method. Content field values are being in passed in body of rest client ...
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Sitecore custom api routing is not working

We have a multi-site environment. In one of the module, we are calling the same controller/action from all the sites. Perhaps, the same Javascript file which calls this controller/action is ...
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Stored Sitecore search using API returns 400 error

I am trying to use stored Sitecore search using an API call from console application, but it is throwing 400 error. I have followed the sitecore documentation
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Change sort order with Sitecore Restful API

Can sortorder of a sitecore item be change or set during a Create or Edit through the Sitecore Restfull API. It seems you can only read standard fields? Sitecore Version 9.3
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How do I force the Sitecore FieldRenderer or Glass.Mapper, when rendering rich text fields, to always render absolute urls for my API?

I have an API in Sitecore that takes content from Sitecore and provides it to an external non-Sitecore site. While retrieving content, the API renders a rich text field using a glass mapper. This rich ...
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Azure search Synonyms implementation using SXA 1.9 and Sitecore 9.2 using postman API

I have requirement to work with the synonyms for the similar group of words in search. I did load the synonyms using Postman API to SXA web index and able to see them on the index. For example: home,...
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Get Experience Forms Performance statistics using API

Is there an API to use the form performance? I'm using Sitecore 9.3.
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XM Cloud - The server failed to fulfill a request (GET) from Azure Function

using Sitecore.Shell.Framework.Commands; using System; using System.Net.Http; using System.Threading.Tasks; using Sitecore.Diagnostics; // Include this for logging namespace XmCloudSXAStarter { ...
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2 answers

How to customize Sitecore's Layout service api url?

The out of the box Sitecore layout service api seems to follow the format /sitecore/api/layout/render/<app>. If I wanted to use a url of the like of /api/layout-service, is it possible to ...
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Sitecore Role Management customization [closed]

How to Access the sitecore.Context from my custom web api to manage the Roles? I am trying to connect to sitecore context using custom APIs.
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Scheduled Job loses Context after api call

I have a standard Command and Schedule Task items in Sitecore that is being executed based on interval. I am trying to track progress of this job in jobs.aspx or code but everytime code calls another ...
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Get the content from third party API

We have requirement to create a dynamic Pages in SXA. This dynamic page will have a template. These template will have a page design with partial designs. All of the partial designs get the content ...
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