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Any question related to Azure Active Directory B2C for identity management in the context of Sitecore can make use of this tag.

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Sitecore 10.2 Integration with Azure B2C using Owin Middleware

I am using an ASP.NET MVC application to connect to AD using owin middleware. This is the startup class: try { IdentityModelEventSource.ShowPII = true; app.SetDefaultSignInAsAuthenticationType(...
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Azure AD B2C via MSAL.js and Sitecore Federated login

I'm currently working on the following set up: Sitecore 9.3 Authentication in Azure AD B2C is done on the frontend site via JS using MSAL.js library following this example (authentication via pop-up) ...
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How to modify CookieAuthentication options in Sitecore 9?

In Sitecore 9.2, we would like to change some of the CookieAuthenticationOptions, that are used for Authentication. This is the code we would use: args.App.UseCookieAuthentication( new ...
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Accessing Azure B2C Access Token with Sitecore ID Server

In Sitecore 9.1 we have integrated Azure B2C with Sitecore Identity Server. We now need to get access to the Azure B2C Access Token on the Sitecore CD server, which was based to Sitecore Identity ...
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Sitecore SXA and Fed Auth - Not picking the right provider

Sitecore Version: 9.1.1 I am trying to integrate SXA with Fed Auth and Azure B2C. I have followed the instructions on this question How can I get SXA login working with my Federated Authentication ...
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