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Questions tagged [brightcove]

For questions related to the integration between Brightcove and Sitecore, including the Brightcove Connector, Sitecore Media Framework (specifically in regard to Brightcove), etc.

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Brightcove Analytics on Sitecore 9.2 Website

We have integrated Brightcove with Sitecore, and our sites are gated. We have a requirement for videos to resume from where the user left off. We are attempting to achieve this using the following ...
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How to resolve duplicate Video Items getting created in Sitecore Content Tree on Brightcove pull sync pipeline?

We have recently upgraded to Brightcove 10.1 connector. Right now we are using pull pipeline to fetch videos, player, playlist and label. But the duplicate video items are getting created even though ...
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Where to find the Embedded Media Rendering after installing Brightcove Connector for 10.1.1

I have installed the brightcove connector for sitecore 10.1.1 and was able to add video using RTE's embed Media feature. But I am not able to find the Embed Media rendering in the package for the ...
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Sitecore 7.2, Media Framework 1.4 and HTML5 Player

We are on Sitecore 7.2 and using Media Framework 1.4. This works fine with flash players. But when we are trying to use an HTML5 player for Bright cove Videos it is not working and throwing errors ...
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