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Questions tagged [buckets]

Item buckets let you manage large numbers of items in the content tree. All questions regarding Sitecore item buckets should use this tag.

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Buckets/Services/Search.ashx 500 error

We have a Sitecore 10.3 version and we see the 500 error with the following URL in the console. Multilist with search is not working along with the Sitecore tab search. /sitecore/shell/Applications/...
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1 answer

Bucketable Item is being removed from bucket

I have an item in Sitecore (10.0.1) that has 'Bucketable' and 'Lock Child Relationship' toggles set to True on their template's standard values: Occasionally, we have a situation where certain items ...
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Sitecore Bucket issue with single character items

We are using Sitecore Bucket feature for folders where we have lots of items. One of the issue we are dealing with is if the item name is one character than bucket feature throws an error with the ...
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Is it possible to use bucket items on more than one page?

We have an Item bucket of News articles created for one of our client websites. We want to display those items on the News page and Press Release page since the content is somewhat the same. We are ...
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How to Build a Custom Dropdown List Field That Retrieves the list from a Sitecore Bucket?

I am working on a Sitecore project and need to create a custom dropdown list field for Sitecore Forms that retrieves its options from an item bucket in Sitecore. Specifically, I want to populate the ...
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Zip files not being bucketed

When uploading a .zip file to a bucket in the media library, the .zip file does not get put in a bucket. I can't figure out why. E.g. The zip item is set to be bucketable: And I have created a ...
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SEO Friendly, Bucket-less Item Path Resolver in Layout Service

TL;DR Has anyone been able to use seo-friendly, bucketless urls with the GraphQL Layout Service? Environment Sitecore 10.2 XM Headless 20 NextJS Rendering Host SXA 10.2 SPE 6.3 Background In ...
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Sitecore nested Bucketing

We are having list of dictionary items where the Dictionary folder is a bucket, and the Dictionary entry is a bucketable item. Often, we are having Dictionary folder inside another Dictionary folder, ...
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2 answers

Can You Perform a Bucket Search on Unpublished Content

Our customer is creating a large body of new bucketed content (using a new template) below a parent item (which is also new). In order to publish all this at once, they're leaving the parent ...
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Trying to show children of items (with Lock child relationship = true) in a bucket

I am trying to let children show up when you search and open a item that is in a bucket (Lock child relationship is set to true). This blog post describes this:
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Bucket search - facets filter limited to 10 results

Been digging around how to get more than 10 results for each facet filter and can't find any setting to do so - also tried to dotpeek without any luck. Does anyone came across with this issue or know ...
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How to access item bucket search filters from within Experience Editor

I'm using an item bucket for an article content type. For this project, we're trying to empower the author to do as much work as possible within the Experience Editor, and hopefully stay out of the ...
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