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How to get child items specific format

I need show the product and Version from the below folder structure. Please help to achieve on this. Requirement Screen Shot Sitecore Folder Structure So far I wrote some code for review var item = ...
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How to replace a link break (&#xa) with a comma using Regex

One of our clients have asked us to replace the first line break (&#xa) with a comma. So far the regex that we have for our location address is this: Location = vacancy.Location.IsNullOrEmpty()...
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Multiple OpenIdConnectAuthentications in ASP.NET Framework Authentication Types

I'm trying to use two separate OpenIDConnect auth options in my ASP.NET Framework app. In my IdentitySetup I register two Auth methods: app.UseOpenIdConnectAuthentication(new AuthOptionsOne()); app....
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What is missing in my setup of a Custom Error Handler in Sitecore 10

I was tasked with trying to set up a simple static cshtml page that would avoid the yellow screen sent by the .net framework. I built a class library that has a controller and a view. controller: ...
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