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Questions tagged [components]

A Sitecore component is a single piece of data sourced content that can be added to a Sitecore page. The tag can be used for all questions around this topic.

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SXA Video, Youtube doesn't show thumbnail on mobile?

I am using a Video component and I've created a couple examples, 1 video uses a YouTube source, the other uses a video in the media library. On mobile devices, the Youtube video doesn't show the ...
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How can a previously removed component be fully restored from standard values?

When a component coming from a template has been removed from a page item, it can be restored by resetting layouts from standard values. However, if changes are made to the component at the template ...
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Why are page components getting bumped to bottom of components list after template is deployed?

After a particular template is deployed during a release, page level components are getting bumped to the bottom of the components list on page final layout. We've pulled that template from getting ...
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Component with workflow loads only once

In our project we have a home page and test home page. Both the pages have a component with two different data sources (based on same template- but content differs). Now the problem is when we make ...
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Error Boundary not working in Sitecore JSS with Next.js Project

I am using Sitecore 10.3.1 with JSS-Next.js app version 21.5.3 and Node version 21.7.3. My requirement is to handle client and server errors at the component level. I am currently using the "?&...
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SXA Mega Menu with Navigation Component

Has anyone created a mega menu using the SXA Navigation component? Something similar to Home Depot and many others. The functionality includes a top level that can be clicked, but also on hover shows ...
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Adding <button> tag in Rendering Variants tag list

I want to add <button> tag in Rendering Variants tag list so that my link renders as <button> and NOT as <a href> When I manually add the button tag in the enum list path (which I ...
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Calling component from another component via anchor link

I have a modal component which is basically a popup with some content in it. I have to ask if it is possible to link that component from another component. For example I have anchor link in another ...
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Rich text is not showing in SXA toolbox

We have an issue in rich text component in Sitecore SXA, it is not showing in the SXA toolbox. I have checked under Presentation > Available rendering > Page Content it is showing under ...
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