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Any questions related to the docker container in the context of Sitecore should use this tag

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Sitecore shutting down after Cache created: SqlDataProvider - Prefetch data(master)

I am running Sitecore XM 10.0.1 in an AKS cluster. Everything has been running smooth for quite some time, but every once in a while the CM and CD containers just won't start. The container logs just ...
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SolrCloud Base ConfigSet does not exist: sitecore_content_config

I run Sitecore 10.2 with SXA in containers and I deleted all my SOLR data, SOLR Cloud have 0 collections and only a default configset in ZooKeeper. The solr-init containers give the following error on ...
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Unable to debug Sitecore 10.2 docker containers-msvsmon process is not getting enabled

The msvsmon process is not enabled, so I cannot debug the docker container. Does anybody have any idea how to enable this process?
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Cd url is going to 404

I have downloaded Sitecore Next JS containers setup and installed XP1 in our local instance. But the default CD url is going to 404. The CM Sitecore url including Experience Editor & Preview and ...
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Hard Time Creating mssql-init image with Multiple Modules on XP1

I'm trying to create an mssql-init image for XP1 that will install the following components: SPE module CH connector SXA module Coveo Coveo SXA I'll be using this to deploy to an Azure SQL server. I ...
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Sitecore 10.0 Update 1 CM container Health check error

I am using Sitecore 10 update 1 and XP1 topology. All containers are healthy except CM container. I can see following errors in logs - ERROR Health check Sitecore.XConnect.Client.WebApi....
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mssql-init container not able to connect with mssql container

While trying to setup XMCloud in local, mssql-1 container is build and is healthy. mssql-init container throws the below error 2023-03-05 11:12:01 Sqlcmd: Error: Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL ...
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xm-cloud-introduction_mvp-rendering_1 Cannot start service mvp-rendering: The system cannot find the file specified

I had successfully install and deploy my XM Cloud application in my local container and i was able to use it. After a month, i tried to bring my application back in running and tried to execute .\up....
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problem with establishing connection with Container website with TDS

facing issue with establishing TDS connection with container website. i already setup local instance using its is working fine. ...
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Docker can not start myproject_mssql-init_1 and myproject_solr-init_1

I'm running up.ps1 in step 7 of Create the MyProject solution in the Sitecore 10 Getting Started Template. All containers are started except myproject_mssql-init_1 and myproject_solr-init_1 But up....
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Remove dependencies in liveness and readiness probes

I'm working on setting up Sitecore 10.1 in Containers. I read this blog post and found following recommendation: "Configure liveness and readiness probes for your pods. Sitecore provides out-of-...
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Helix publishing pipeline uses bin folder as source in docker setup

We are using the Helix Publishing Pipeline (HPP) and defined the settings to exclude the default dlls (Sitecore, Commerce, Newtonsoft etc). There is a publish project in VS for this and when clicked ...
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Create “Application for a Site” in Sitecore 10.2 containers

We are migrating our existing solution from Sitecore 8.2 (IaaS) to Sitecore 10.2 containers. Migration is completed for the main site, but one of our main functionality is hosted as “Application for ...
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