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Any questions related to content hub scripting in the context of Sitecore can use this tag. This may include User sign-in scripts, User pre-registration scripts, User post-registration scripts, etc

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Calling a script on asset download in Sitecore Content Hub

Does anyone know a way to trigger a script on asset download? Can't find anything in the docs and don't see an obvious trigger condition for that.
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How can I send existing CMP content/entities to Sitecore in bulk?

I have the basic Sitecore connect for CMP set up so that when a content item goes into the final workflow state, it is sent to Sitecore. I have also managed to set it up to send over some taxonomy ...
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Create renditions through action scripts

I have created some custom renditions for assets in Content Hub,so whenever i upload new asset these renditions will be created automatically, but for existing assets we need to click on refresh ...
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Sitecore Content Hub unit test Could not load file or assembly 'Stylelabs.M.Sdk, Version='

I tried running the sample test script from the Sitecore Content Hub documentation but it's giving me this error: Could not load file or assembly 'Stylelabs.M.Sdk, Version=, Culture=neutral, ...
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