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Sitecore.Context.Item returning obsolete data that doesn't match what's in the web database

I have an odd issue that seems to be related to caching but I've never seen this before. Sitecore.Context.Item.Fields["OfficeContacts"].Value is returning a different value from Sitecore....
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Sitecore.Context.IsLoggedIn always returns false with Areas

I have created an MVC area in the solution: Areas |_ CAG |_ Controllers |_ Models |_ Views When published, the Areas folder goes into the root of the instance's webroot. Here is the ...
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Standard value field in template not reflecting in Context.Item

I have an existing template, Template E. This template inherits a base template, Template B. Template B has two checkbox fields. In Template E's standard value, I have checked the inherited checkbox ...
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How can I use Commerce API in order to add data to the Shared Environments database?

I made a Sitecore API and registered a Router, and after that, I called it through PostmanAPI. I write a command process to add data to the database but follow the default when inheriting from ...
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Scheduled Job loses Context after api call

I have a standard Command and Schedule Task items in Sitecore that is being executed based on interval. I am trying to track progress of this job in jobs.aspx or code but everytime code calls another ...
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