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how can I run code on Sitecore on an event under a specific security account?

The events handlers in Sitecore run under default\anonymous (i.e. onpublish:end:remote). Can I run the code under Extranet\anonymous account?
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Sitecore.Context.IsLoggedIn always returns false with Areas

I have created an MVC area in the solution: Areas |_ CAG |_ Controllers |_ Models |_ Views When published, the Areas folder goes into the root of the instance's webroot. Here is the ...
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Code on German server parsing data correctly when run from admin page, but incorrectly when run as scheduled task

I posted this on as well but figured I would frame it as a Sitecore ...
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Virtual User causing error with AntiForgeryToken, The provided anti-forgery token was meant for user "extranet\user", but the current user is ""

My site uses SSO for login so most site users do not have Sitecore accounts, as such when a user logs in a virtual user is created: protected void CreateVirtualUser(SSOCentralUser user) { ...
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Virtual user persisting Roles after logout

I am trying to login a virtual user for my application and have assigned roles to this virtual user. var virtualUser = Sitecore.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationManager.BuildVirtualUser(userName, ...
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MVC custom controller Context.User is anonymous when authenticated

Any idea why Sitecore 9.3 would not pick up authenticated information of the user on a simple custom MVC controller method? I am trying to get the currently logged-in user, but it is showing Sitecore....
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