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Questions tagged [continuous-integration]

For questions specifically related to continuous integration (CI) with the Sitecore platform. This tag should not be used for general CI questions that are not specific to Sitecore.

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Alternatives to SitecorePackageDeployer

We're upgrading to Sitecore 10.2, and have previously used Sitecore Package Deployer in a previous version of Sitecore in our CI/CD process. I noticed this package has not been updated since 2019, and ...
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Build NextJS app on CI without accessing Sitecore

I've got a JSS application created using Next.js Getting Started template. During development, when I have local Sitecore instance runnung, I can build the app using jss build command. On the CI ...
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Seeking Wisdom on Automated Integration Testing Through all Environments, from Local Dev to Production

I want to run tests in all of My Environments, that are not unit tests but Integration tests to confirm Well in this case that Security is setup correctly on all items and that the users we in Roles ...
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Deploy Docker Images to Multiple AKS Environments

I'm creating a CI/CD pipeline, and I'd want to understand how am I going to use the same docker image (assuming it is possible) and deploy it to multiple AKS environments such as QA, STG, and Prod. ...
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How to deliver changes to a Sitecore instance deployed in a Docker container

I'd like to build a continuous delivery pipeline for SC 9.0.1 instance using Docker. In order to do so any file changes on CM/CD should be deployed in a new container. I'm just wondering, how to ...
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Sitecore restarted multiple times during Teamcity deployment, mainly while syncing TDS project

We are using TeamCity for sitecore CI integration. Sometimes we get an issue related to sitecore item sync using TDS. But after some time, when we run deployment script again on server, those issues ...
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Sitecore Azure Continuous Delivery

I'm new to this topic - Continuous Delivery, We already have Azure Web App Site is Deployed to Production and Running,and We do have the license for TDS and currently Using Sitecore 8.2 Update 3 We ...
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CI/CD Sitecore challenge: going from "wipe" to "overwrite"

We are set to release a large Sitecore-based system in a week. Presently the CI/CD process works by effectively republishing everything from a git repository as the source (we use TDS for day-to-day ...
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Is there a way to deploy assembly bindings out using the gulpfile

We are setting up a new Helix based system, and are looking at making the development process as easy as possibly from a devOps point of view, I seem to have a disconnect however in assembly versions ...
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Can I "build" a TDS project without having it attempt to deploy?

Is there a way to build TDS projects without it trying to deploy anything? Essentially, I just want to make sure all the files that the scproj files think should be there are actually checked into ...
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Unicorn (2.0.4) issue when renaming items

We faced the following issue with Unicorn serialisation and I wanted to share it just in case someone has a better solution/workaround to it. We are using Unicorn 2.0.4 on a project where we cannot (...
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How to package a Helix solution using powershell

Following the Helix modular architecture, my solution is divided into a large amount of separate projects. To deploy the solution as a single package, we need to package all assets, configuration ...
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Automating server role configuration

When configuring server instances in a distributed environment, a range of config files must be enabled or disabled based on the instance role (e.g. CD, CM, Processing, Aggregation), referencing the "...
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How should Courier be used as part of a CI build?

I am looking at an existing setup of Sitecore that is using Courier as part of a continuous-integration process. The process is currently: Commits to a particular branch kicks off a Team City build ...
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