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Questions tagged [cookies]

For questions related to the use of cookies as they specifically relate to Sitecore. This tag should not be used for general questions about cookies that are not specific to Sitecore. Typical cookie questions tend to be regarding Sitecore's session cookies and analytics cookies.

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How to block/Disable Sitecore analytics for GDPR regions?

This code is only droping the cookies from the cookie board, the analytics is still on for the user. Is there any way to disable/enable xdb.enabled to false/true based on country region. if (...
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Experience editor ribbon disappear

When I open a site in experience editor mode, I see the editor ribbon, but after I navigate on the site, the ribbon disappears. Everything is fine in the local environment, but the error occurs in ...
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How to make sitename#lang cookie HttpOnly

Friends, I am facing one vulnerability issue saying sitename#lang cookie not being HttpOnly for my application. Can anyone suggest me that how and where can we change it. or any implications if I ...
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Maintaining/Sharing session between virtual folders

I am a bit confused here. Under the same Sitecore 8.1 instance, I have two web sites set as two virtual folders ( and under the same app pool. This is a temporary ...
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Sitecore 8 ADFS module no FedAuth cookie

I've added the Sitecore ADFS module to Sitecore 7.2 and it works. Using the same module on Sitecore 8 doesn't work. I can see the MSISAuth cookies from sts. When it comes to reading the FedAuth ...
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SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE cookie gets renewed when user closed the broswer

We are using Sitecore 10.2.2 version. We noticed that when user closes the browser and revisits the website in same browser SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE gets renewed. So Sitecore is unable to identify ...
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Logout mechanism not fully effective

We are using Sitecore 9.3. We have login and logout features in our site using Azure AD B2C. During logout, we are performing below operations in that order - AuthenticationManager.Logout() We send ...
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Control third party cookies from Sitecore

Is there a way to control the third party cookies added into my website from Sitecore? I need to be able to block third party cookies (for example Google Analytics and LinkedIn cookies) until the user ...
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Implement Cookie and consent management in Sitecore Headless App

I implemented the Cookie and consent management functionality (Manage a contact's tracking consent choices ( in the Sitecore 10.1 + Sitecore NextJS (18.0.0) using the Sitecore.Analytics....
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sitecore language cookie overwrite in arabic version

I am using Sitecore 10 with JSS Angular app, I need to set site language cookie {{mysite}}#lang to be HttpOnly so I have created the HttpRequest pipeline processor. public class CookieProcessor : ...
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Add a cookie warning message to site

We plan to implement "the privacy warning displays on every page load until the visitor gives consent". Currently, we're using Sitecore 10.1. Our solution is in MVC. Could you please share ...
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Store User IP address until user not accept Site Cookie Policy in Sitecore 9.2

WE have enabled Cookie Policy popup in our Site.. If end user not accept the cookie policy then we have to store its IP address as or blank in XDB... Once it accept then the actual IP address ...
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