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For questions related to the creation, customization and use of custom field types in Sitecore

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Item validator access already stored data instead of newly inputed data

Im facing a problem with sitecore item validator when I try to save the data. The purpose of my validator (the class inherit from StandardValidator) is to simply check if, atleast, field A or field B ...
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Apply field validations across fields

I'm building a component that, among other fields, contains "title" and "text" fields. The business logic is: If both fields are empty, that is OK If both fields are populated, that is OK If one ...
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Custom code for sorting sitecore multilist field items

I have written the following code to sort the left hand side of multilist using code: public Item[] ListQuery(Item item) { try { List<Item> sourceItems = new List<Item>(); ...
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Multi-root treelist with queries

I'm trying to use the Multi-root treelist that Kam Figy made and that Zachary Kniebel extended. I used this guide to add the Field-type to the Core database. All is well, until I put query: anywhere ...
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