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Questions tagged [datasource]

For questions related to Sitecore data sources, including data source queries, data source locations, data source items, etc.

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How to specify a datasource for a droplist field in sitecore 8.0 template

I am using Sitecore 8.0 where I have created a template with field droplist field type and I want to give datasource for it where it references another template datasource. And we have Multiple Sites ...
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Get Lookup Source Pipeline not triggering for treelist

I have a dynamic source for a treelist field in my template. In order to resolve the source location, I created a pipeline in getLookupSourceItems section. The code snippet is shown below. public ...
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Set query as datasource in personalization

I'm on Sitecore 8.2, using MVC. I have two sites, and I'm defining presentation details on Standard Values of the template, so that I can use one presentation details setup for rendering the same ...
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Looking for resources on how to best design structures for storing and editing page data

Apologies for the broad question, but most of my experience has been working with using older versions of Sitecore, primarily Web forms based projects and only using the Content Editor. General page ...
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Site breaks when page contains an unpublishable item

We have just upgraded from 8.2 to 9.3 and some behaviour has changed. In 8.2, when I make an item unpublishable and publish to cm/cd, the page loads fine without that item. In 9.3, the page doesn't ...
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How to link branch template children items (data sources) with its parent renderings in Sitecore 7.2?

I'm following this blog post from Zachary which is pretty clear. The only issue is ...
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Media datasource using Sitecore SXA

How do I add media datasource (I want customers to able to select images from a particular folder) in Sitecore SXA using experience editor. Currently,I have added datasource in the template and works ...
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How Does __Preview Get Populated

In a Sitecore 8.2 (rev. 170614) instance an item was throwing the following error when selected in content editor: Server Error in '/' Application. Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, ...
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Experience editor doesn’t allow edit data-source properties option for nested data-source items

We have a Datasource item having child items where root item is like a folder - inherited from standard template and allow some insert options to crate the child items. Root item given as a data ...
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Custom code for sorting multilist not working

Tried to use custom code for populating multilist with sorted desired certain items of certain template sorted by publish date, after implementing code successfully, results in the multilist weren't ...
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How to change data-source path "local:/data/test" to GUID programatically when saving page in Experience editor

We are using Sitecore 9 with SXA. As per my understanding, it was designed to have a path with local:/ for certain reasons. But, as per our business requirements, we need to update rendering with a ...
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