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All Questions related to managing dependencies in Sitecore projects to make code more Reusable, Testable and Loosely coupled.

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TDS Package Bundling does not work with NuGet Package Generation

I am attempting to separate and version the Helix Foundation Layer modules into its own solution. I am using TDS/VS2017/Sitecore_8.1U2. Based on documentation, I would like to generate an Update ...
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Commerce Dependencies Management (Nuget maybe)

We are currently implementing Commerce solution based on SXA-commerce approach (using Helix-architecture). We use & extend Sitecore.Commerce.XA.*.dll libraries. So, for example, if we want to ...
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Resolving dependencies using Unity for deploying sitecore jss app

We are using Unity for the dependency injection overriding the default behavior for the sitecore project. While deploying the jss app, I am getting below error: The current type, Sitecore....
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