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For questions related to Sitecore's dictionaries, including questions about configuration, implementation, use and beyond.

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Sitecore Fallback Dictionary Not Fallback

In Dictionary Domain folder for a SXA site, there is a field called "Fallback Domain". I have set that value to Shared site's Dictionary from SXA sites. But when the site doesn't have a ...
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How we can add global and local dictionary folder for multi site implimentation in Sitecore?

I have to use a dictionary as shown below : If the dictionary phrase is there on the local site dictionary folder, it should take from there. If it is not present in the local dictionary folder, it ...
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Headless Dictionary Service not working

I am using Sitecore Headless Services Server XM 18.0.0, and the Layout Service(like: /sitecore/api/layout/render/jss?item=) is working just fine. But when I tried to use the Dictionary Service I got ...
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how to create Sitecore dictionary folder under dictionary domain programmatically

I am trying to insert a new country item under the path /sitecore/content/Corporate/MasterSite/MasterSite Dictionary/Country programmatically. Is there any way to achieve the above requirement?
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Sitecore nested Bucketing

We are having list of dictionary items where the Dictionary folder is a bucket, and the Dictionary entry is a bucketable item. Often, we are having Dictionary folder inside another Dictionary folder, ...
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