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Sitecore Commerce Documetation 10.1 is not working

I have opened the Sitecore.Experience.Commerce.SDK.Documentation.chm that comes with the XC 10.1 installation. It shows no content for any of the nodes. Could this be a bug.
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In Commerce 8.2.1 Devops documentation, are the servers in commerce services layer separate servers or 1 server with separate engine roles?

I'm going through Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 architecture in Are the Commerce ...
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Rundown of Sitecore 9 XP SQL databases?

Could someone provide a rundown of Sitecore 9 XP SQL Server databases and their purpose? For example "Xdb.Processing.Pools"?
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What does the parameters object do in the ItemRendering method?

Method definition: public virtual HtmlString ItemRendering(Item item, object parameters); Assumed usage: @Html.Sitecore().ItemRendering( item, new { ThisShouldWork = true } ); Assumed Consumption: ...
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Sitecore Solution Documentation Generation - any tools?

Having had to deliver/create documentation on numerous projects now, I know it is the last thing that anyone wants to do manually in Word. I happened to see this tool mentioned: https://zkniebel....
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What does the "Hidden Article" icon on KnowledgeBase articles mean?

While reviewing another SSE question that linked to this KB page, I noticed in the top-right corner of the page's main content section that there was a little icon labeled "hidden article". What ...
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What do the release notes for the Express Migration Tool mean when they refer to "etalon"?

I've been reading the documentation around Express Migration, in preparation for trying it on a site, and I've come across a sentence in the release notes that I don't quite understand: The text ...
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What happens if the same field name is used in two separate inherited data templates?

Given that a data template can inherit from other data templates, what happens if the same field name is used in two separate inherited data templates?
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What is a pipeline?

In the Sitecore configuration, I see a lot of different nodes under the <pipelines> element. I have been through the Sitecore Certification course and don't recall us covering these in detail? ...
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What is the difference between a Layout, Sublayout, and Rendering?

In Sitecore, under /sitecore/layouts, I see the following: Layouts Sublayouts Renderings What are these, and what makes them different? Are there any other types of layouts?
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