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Questions tagged [dynamic-placeholder]

Anything related to dynamic placeholders, which includes the practice of having multiple renderings on a page that includes the same placeholder key, and trying to assign a specific rendering to one specific placeholder key from those renderings.

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How to Find the unique rendering ID for a placeholder

We are currently upgrading a site from 8X to 10.2. We are trying to change the dynamic placeholders as per 10.2. But 8.2 dynamic placeholders are of format- /a/b_1/c_1, /a/b_1/c_2, /a/b_2/c_3. We ...
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Max number of components in a Dynamic Placeholder with Sitecore 9

Is there a way to set a minimum and max amount of components that can be inserted into a Dynamic Placeholder in Sitecore 9? There is a count and maxCount for the amount of placeholders that can be set ...
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How do I create unique Sitecore JSS Dynamic Placeholders?

I have JSS Next.JS based component, I want to have 2 placeholders with the same key, but with a dynamic suffix. e.g. I need 2 equal columns. <div> <Placeholder name='jss-6' rendering={...
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Components do not save in specific dynamic placeholder

We are using sitecore 8.2 and recently added SXA sites. The existing site has a dynamic placeholder setting section-content*, which stopped working after we added SXA sites. When I looked for "...
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Fortis Dynamic Placeholder Not Working Outside of Experience Editor

I am trying to use Dynamic Placeholders with Sitecore 8.2. I am leveraging When adding two renderings with a dynamic placeholder and adding a ...
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Dynamic Placeholder and Placeholder Settings

I created a project from the scratch and I had to add the Dynamic placeholders. But the only thing, I was unable to do, is to set for the Dynamic placeholders, some kind of placeholder Settings. Is ...
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Placeholder: wrong renderings showing

in our JSS solution, I'm trying to insert a dynamic placeholder within our "main-placeholder", but it isn't displaying the allowed renderings I expect. It seems to be defaulting to a premade(...
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Count added controls in Dynamic Placeholder

I have a dynamig plceholder in a web control (not mvc - don't ask). I'd like to identify the id assigned to that placeholder and the number of items added to it. Any ideas how to do this that's not a ...
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Sitecore First Approach Can't see the component added to child placeholder

We are working on POC to test new page addition through SitecoreFirst workflow. Have added a sample template and JSON rendering to my Sitecore app from the content editor and created a route to host a ...
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