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Experience Edge provides a scalable, managed delivery option for headless Sitecore architectures. Any question around this topic can make use of this tag.

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Optimize Sitecore Publishing to Edge target

We are facing performance issues while publishing to Edge. It takes more time to publish to Edge when compared to publishing to a web database. We understand that publishing to a database target is ...
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GraphQL - Internal links rendering as notfound in Rich text field Value

Posting this to help others with this issue, answer below Issue: We are using Sitecore 10.2 headless on Vercel. On our Edge environment, Rich Text fields that are returned by GraphQL are returning /...
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Sitecore Search Index Sitecore Content using a Request Trigger and Experience Edge

I’m trying to index the Sitecore content with the following settings of the Sitecore search walkthrough–configuring-an-...
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Sitecore XM Cloud Redirect is not working on SXA sites with XM Cloud

We are trying to configure URL redirect rules using redirect map, but it is not working on edge. when we are trying to fetch rendering data from edge it is always giving us 200 Response code with ...
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XM Cloud content delivery in local machine without any Edge url or config change?

I have cloned the repository XM-Cloud intro, and deploy it successfully in my local docker. I haven't configured anything yet for Edge so i am assuming Edge is not being utilized yet. Now the question ...
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Sitecore - Edge Based Personalization - Move personalization to be handled by CDN

I recently asked about the personalization and why it fails sometimes when using Cloudflare caching. I have come to a conclusion that the way we have set up the personalization is based on using ...
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