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Experience Edge provides a scalable, managed delivery option for headless Sitecore architectures. Any question around this topic can make use of this tag.

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Optimize Sitecore Publishing to Edge target

We are facing performance issues while publishing to Edge. It takes more time to publish to Edge when compared to publishing to a web database. We understand that publishing to a database target is ...
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GraphQL - Internal links rendering as notfound in Rich text field Value

Posting this to help others with this issue, answer below Issue: We are using Sitecore 10.2 headless on Vercel. On our Edge environment, Rich Text fields that are returned by GraphQL are returning /...
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How can I secure the Experience Edge content delivery token on my Next.js/JSS app?

I am using Sitecore Experience Edge and Next.js with JSS. My site requires a section that is secured behind a login, which I know should be handled by the head application and that we should not ...
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Is there any difference between GraphQL on Experience Edge vs the XM / XM Cloud Edge Preview endpoints?

Is there any functional, behavioural, or schema differences between GraphQL on the Experience Edge API vs the Sitecore Platform XM or XM Cloud Edge Preview endpoint?
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JSS Nextjs Generate Static Pages for Multiple Languages

We have Sitecore 10.2 + JSS (NextJs) and we have 12 languages for every page. I know internationalization is implicitly marked as a "not supported" feature for next export command but is it ...
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How should security be handled for XM Cloud/Headless with Experience Edge?

In the Sitecore documentation for Experience Edge (used by XM Cloud), it states: Experience Edge for XM does not enforce security constraints on Sitecore content. You must apply publishing ...
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Filter By Content Type using xm edge GraphQL endpoint

I am trying to use the search query to return all content which contains a specific keyword. But the response that I get also includes the media files along with the actual content(eg. articles). Is ...
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Sitecore - Edge Based Personalization - Move personalization to be handled by CDN

I recently asked about the personalization and why it fails sometimes when using Cloudflare caching. I have come to a conclusion that the way we have set up the personalization is based on using ...
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