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Questions tagged [fortis]

Questions regarding the Fortis wrapping framework that allows us to to encapsulate parts of the Sitecore API and models.

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Fortis Dynamic Placeholder Not Working Outside of Experience Editor

I am trying to use Dynamic Placeholders with Sitecore 8.2. I am leveraging When adding two renderings with a dynamic placeholder and adding a ...
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2 answers

Form Dynamic Placeholder use

I may have been out of Web Forms for two long. I need to implement dynamic placeholders for web forms. I am trying to use Fortis' version of it, but it has very little documentation around it. The MVC ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to supress rendering width and height attribs using Fortis Image.Render?

Using Fortis Image.Render, is there a parameter to suppress rendering the Width and Height attributes? Example of the image: @Model.ImageField.Render(new { @class = "my-class-name" })
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6 votes
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Predicting the placeholder for a dynamic placeholder

I am using the Dynamic Placeholders from Fortis, but need to setup a page template where the Dynamic Placeholders contains renderings. I am setting the page template up, by setting layout detail on ...
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