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Any question related to google tag manager integration in the Sitecore context can use this tag.

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Forms and datalayer.push when successfully going to the next page or getting submitted

I need to make a dataLayer.push({my_arguments_here}) whenever a form successfully goes to the next page/gets submitted. I know that some validation is happening on back-end, so I'm trying to find a JS ...
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3 answers

Google Analytics not honoring AdSense campaigns in Sitecore

We are experiencing loss of functionality related to campaign tracking with Google Analytics (GA) using Google Tag Manager (GTM) in our Sitecore instance in all environments.   We can clearly see tags ...
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when adding @context": "" in Js files context error is thrown

There is review for SEO to include for google search but when added the Json-LD tags as below <script type='application/ld+json'> { "@context": "http://www.schema....
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Trigger Google Analytics Events on Sitecore WFFM form submission

I want to track form submissions by creating a dataLayer event (a JS array with form values) when a form is submitted successfully (onSubmit). This is my sample DataLayer Push code <script> ...
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Push to Google Analytics only when Component Testing

Given that... I have two variations of a component, Promo and AmazingPromo. I've created a page and set up personalisation to show one or the other based on a condition (for instance if the user is ...
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