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Questions tagged [gzip]

All the questions related to Gzip compression in a Sitecore website.

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1 vote
1 answer

How to enable GZIP Compression on Sitecore 10.1 hosted in containers

I am exploring ways to enhance the speed of my Sitecore pages by implementing compression techniques. I have added the configuration mentioned below to the Web.config file, but it seems that the ...
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1 answer

Getting null reference error in response.filter while implementing gzip in sitecore website

I am getting null value in response.filter.Below is my code. I am getting response but in response.filter value is null.I am implementing it sitecore website. using System.Web.Mvc; using System.IO....
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Extend AssetLinksGenerator.GenerateLinks to serve .gz files

My site is performing very slow. Google Page Speed suggests to use a few optimization algorithms, one of them is GZip. I have created some theme assets using this algorithm and imported my theme. Now ...
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Gzip causing an error in the experience editor

Just set up a new machine, so... I have a site running locally Sitecore 8.1.160519, The site has GZip enabled. I see the appropriate header if I just browse to the site. But if I go to the ...
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