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Sitecore helix pattern and where to place your business logic

I've a new sitecore helix Solution and currently I am a bit unsure where I can place my business logic? currently I think I need to extract the business logic into some external services is that the "...
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Best approach for Dependency Injection in Sitecore 8.2

I see a fair few approaches in blog posts for using DI with 8.2, particularly around the registration. Is there an approach which would be recommended - particularly with a Helix compatible ...
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Error Related to GetEnd() Method in a Custom Rendering Wrapper - Sitecore 8.2

I have been going through the book Professional Sitecore 8 Development by Phil Wicklund and Jason Wilkerson. The book has been very helpful to me but I've got an issue I haven't been able to figure ...
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Creating a custom Sitecore NuGet package containing Unicorn files

Background We have a Sitecore 9.1.1 project following Helix principles and wish to create Nuget packages from some of the custom layer projects (e.g. Customer.Foundation.Dictionary, Customer....
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Sitecore Helix/Habitat and Visual Studio structure

The general trend these days is to limit the number of projects in a visual studio solution: The two project solution Project antipattern Multiple projects considered harmful Evolutionary project ...
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TDS: Sync Project with Sitecore for entire solution

I am working on a large Sitecore solution based on the Helix principles, with +20 different TDS projects. In general this works fine, but if one of the developers changes a value for a "Deploy Once" ...
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Content search related to feature

I am working on Helix based project. I've already implemented Foundation.Indexing project and also I've implemented news search and blog search based on Foundation.Indexing. Now I am working on site ...
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How to structure product data in a Helix based solution

I'm working on an ecommerce site following Helix principles. Is it OK to store product data on (or under) the product page items? The project layer page template could inherit a data template from a ...
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Sharing Sitecore content as a NuGet package

Background In our Sitecore 9 solution, we follow Helix principles, when structuring our code and we wish to create NuGet packages that can be re-used across multiple projects. The NuGet packages ...
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