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Questions tagged [html]

Any question related to hypertext markup language in Sitecore world can make use of this tag.

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1 answer

Clear extra Sitecore SXA html tags from the site pages

I have SXA site pages and I need to clear the extra Sitecore html tags (script,link). After div tag Specification: Sitecore SXA 10.2 Can anyone provide any help ?
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1 answer

Search and replace HTML code on multiple pages

I have an old image map that appears on 500+ pages. I would like to delete it and replace it with inline SVG. I know you can search and replace text, but is there a way to search and replace code on ...
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Crawl html links in a Rich textfield in SOLR

I have a Rich text field. If the user enters a hyperlink in the richtextbox and I run a query in SOLR, it shows up as text only. The link associated does not show up. What could the issue be? In the ...
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