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Any question related to Sitecore HTML caching, how this can be configured, and how does it work

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Is there a way to add a cache buster to the RenderFormScripts Html helper function?

In our outerlayout.cshtml file we have the following code: @Html.RenderFormScripts() which seems to loop round the JS files, that have been attached to the Sitecore form: and create script tags for ...
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Html cache on rendering with "vary by data" in Multiligual site

I am using html cache on rendering level with "vary by data", and it is working fine for english version. But i am not sure whether it will work on different language version or not as, it ...
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HTML rendering cache performance logs

Recently, our Prod environment caused downtime due to some caching issue as reported by the agency that hosts our application. Sitecore support asked us to enable HTML Rendering Cache on select ...
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Is Donut caching in SXA with Forms supported?

I have come across an issue where if I configure a form on a page. How renderings are nested: Column Splitter (main) Container (/main/container-9/column-2-7) Sitecore Form Wrapper (/main/container-9/...
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How to ensure rendering cache invalidates after a direct edit to the .CSHTML file

I have a case where I needed to apply a hotfix to a component CSHTML view file. I edited the file on both of our Content Delivery servers. I also cleared the entire Sitecore cache via /sitecore/admin/...
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Lost on HTML Output Caching in SXA [closed]

I am so lost on what I am doing.. so I am working on an SXA website. I have done cache tuning and now I am looking at working on the settings for various components. I literally have no idea what I ...
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How to clear a sitecore rendering cache programatically [duplicate]

How can I clear an individual rendering cache from my site on publishing Sitecore item programmatically. I followed below article which did not work for me. Clear individual Rendering/Component Html ...
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Rendering is Cached

I am using Sitecore 9.3 and I have a .cshtml updated but the update is not reflected on CD server although the physical file is updated. I do iisreset and publish for the site to clear any cache but ...
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Caching HTML for rendering based on "page" item data, not datasource

I have a couple of controller renderings where the data loaded is from several Sitecore items including the "page" itself, and the Rendering datasource is not actually set on the Rendering. How can I ...