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Sitecore JSS support for http 2 and 3?

Been working with Sitecore for a while now, JSS not quite as long, and Headless just recently. One thing I noticed the other day is that it appears all traffic coming from the Node front ends is being ...
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media item creation using Sitecore service API (HTTP POST method)- Error : Resource was not found

Post updated on 05/03 for more information: Developing a content migration tool using C# console app, using HTTP CRUD operations to access/add/update Sitecore items . To create Media items used HTTP ...
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What is missing in my setup of a Custom Error Handler in Sitecore 10

I was tasked with trying to set up a simple static cshtml page that would avoid the yellow screen sent by the .net framework. I built a class library that has a controller and a view. controller: ...
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