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Questions tagged [iis]

Questions relating to Internet Information Server, the underlying web server software used to host Sitecore-based websites.

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Gzip causing an error in the experience editor

Just set up a new machine, so... I have a site running locally Sitecore 8.1.160519, The site has GZip enabled. I see the appropriate header if I just browse to the site. But if I go to the ...
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Sitecore website as a subsite of an existing non-Sitecore website

We have two websites: the first one is non-Sitecore website (e.g. '') the second one is Sitecore website (e.g. '') My task is to make the second one (...
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Redirect 2 different DNS names to two different pages in IIS

We have a server that hosts two applications on the same default site. Default Web Site Inventory Expenses We also have two DNS names pointing to the same ip address: ...
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Sitecore 9.0.2 and Azure PaaS based live website gives '502' error few times in a day

We have our public website in Sitecore 9.0.2 and it is in Azure PaaS infrastructure, from last few days the website gives '502 following error message' at specific times in a day(8 (am or pm), 9(am or ...
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Sitecore 8.0 crashing w3wp.exe when choosing if a version is unpublished or published

I have an instance of sitecore 8.0 setup (CD and CM separate servers). On the CM server we've noticed that if a page has multiple versions, and a user then tried to mark one of the versions as ...
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If I add a CSV file to the media library and visit that item in Sitecore, a file is downloaded automatically with the content of that media item

I want to upload a CSV file into our media library. In our Dev environment, this works as expected, the file uploads, shows up in the content tree, mime-type/extension is getting set appropriately, ...
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Embedding language in home page url

I am using Sitecore 10.3 and JSS next app, I need to add language in the home page URL. Ex: to, also need all URLs to end with /. can I do this from IIS??
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Sitecore CD Server Trying to Access /sitecore folder

Not sure why Sitecore CD server trying to access /sitecore folder (attached screenshot). Enabled SwitchMasterToWeb.config file and disabled anonymous IIS access to the /sitecore/shell folder and did ...
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Republishing is killing IIS

Recently trying to move content from production down to my development environment. So, I backed up and restored the Master DB, then tried to republish everything. Mostly this ws very slow but OK. But ...
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Bypass Sitecore for specific directories

I'm not sure my title is ideal, so I am open to suggestions because I wasn't sure how to phrase it. I am trying to create a Let's Encrypt cert using CertBot and it creates a file inside the /.well-...
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Not able to access JSON file in Sitecore web root folder

I have added a JSON file veevaweb2pdf.sitemap.json and a text file veevaweb2pdf.txt for a third-party plug-in. I am able to access the text file but not JSON file in all UAT, Staging and Production ...
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Add site or domain name condition in IIS Rewrite Rules

I have 2 sites with name like and I am trying to add Rewrite rule for only. <rule name="Custom Rule" stopProcessing="true&...
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Create “Application for a Site” in Sitecore 10.2 containers

We are migrating our existing solution from Sitecore 8.2 (IaaS) to Sitecore 10.2 containers. Migration is completed for the main site, but one of our main functionality is hosted as “Application for ...
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