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Questions tagged [item-web-api]

All the questions related to Item Web APIs directly or indirectly related to Sitecore.

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0 answers

How do you update an attachment in the Media Library using Sitecore's Web API?

I am currently using Sitecore's RESTful ItemService API and CURL to create assets in the Media Library and have that working just fine. However, in some cases, I need to update the attachment (i.e. ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Create/Update Fields via ItemWebApi

I are working on a media sync application that moves media from an external system into a client's Sitecore instance using the ItemWebAPI. Creating a media item in a specified folder is no problem, ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Upload Media Item to Media Library Folder Through HTTP Request via ItemWebAPI

I am using the ItemWebAPI and attempting to create a media item in a subfolder of my Media Library. The documentation I am referencing for this is here:
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How do we create a media item through the web API?

I am trying to use the create call but not sure how to send the media payload to it. Tried base64 to the "Media" field and that did not work.
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Sitecore API - Get item by display name

we are using sitecore as backend headless api (Not JSS). What i want to do is get the item by path - but the path will be display name. i saw the question here to get item by display name - but that ...
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Is it possible to trigger publishing from Sitecore Item WebAPI

Is it somehow possible to trigger publishing of the item via Sitecore item web api? I found how to get items and similar things, but can't find the way to publish it. For instance, to get an item I ...
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