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All questions that are related to json in the context of Sitecore including Sitecore JSS, LayoutServices and APIs should use this tag.

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JSON template in Sitecore 10.1

Is there any alternate to JSON template in Sitecore 10.1?. We migrated to Sitecore 10.1 from Sitecore 8. One of the Rendering Variants is JSONResults, which includes JSON Template inside JSONResults. ...
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A circular reference was detected while serializing an object of type 'System.Globalization.CultureInfo'

I am getting this error when the datsource model have sitecore image field. the below code written in the .cshtml file and the model is binding via Glass mapper. <script> var var1 = @Html.Raw(...
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Explanation of the 'JSON Template' within SXAs 'JSON Variants'

I am currently struggeling a bit with understanding the capabilities of the JSON Variants in SXA. We are on SXA 9.3 and I want to make some customizations to the JSON representation with a JSON ...
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Sitecore Json rendering & Json variant on page

I have a page that includes a JSON list and I added sc_device=json in the URL path and I visit the path it's JSON example /sitecore/content/item/home?sc_device=json, when I try to consume it in ...
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How do you get JSON data from an item stored in the media library?

master:\media library\item-name contains a JSON file. Get-Item gets the item itself but I am unable to extract the JSON content with ConvertFrom-Json. In PowerShell outside of Sitecore Powershell ...
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Sitecore Content Serialization to include parent item as create only

I am looking to serialize items in a way that configuration should CreateOnly for root item and than all the descendants should be deleted/updated & created as per normal. So far I have the ...
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How To Get Template Id In JSONResult

I'm using Sitecore 10 and SXA. And I'm trying to add template-id to be returned in JSON Result Layout. I tried creating a new JSON Field under the rendering variant with field name value ('template' ...
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Json Reference field in Json Variant return Error when the Reference Field Is empty

I am using SXA Json Content to create API. In the JSON Variant, I used Reference Field to display Drop Link Field in the data. But when the DropLink field is empty, the API returns error. So I need to ...
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JSON Layout outputting json content inside a div

Using a Sitecore 9.1.1 site with SXA 1.8.1 - I added a new page and changed the Layout via Presentation Details to use the JSON Layout option. I was then able to open in experience editor and see the ...
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SXA JSON results count is not in the response

I'm using Sitecore 9.1 and SXA 1.8, I created a JSON result and configured it as below: The JSON result response doesn't contain the results count, as in SXA search result component request-response, ...
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Bind JSON data in the rendering variants using custom SXA component

Recently I was building a custom SXA component and I have made that by cloning the Default Event List Component given by SXA . I have to get the data in json format from a controller and bind it with ...
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How to convert Facet Data to Json format

I am working on display facet data on the Experience profile tab. I am following the below article for the same. But ...
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Sitecore GlassMapper and Json.NET

I need to pass parameters in Json format from Sitecore item. I am getting Sitecore item using GlassMapper. public interface ISomeType { //some fields } public interface ISomeFolder { ...
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