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Sitecore is licensed product. License need to be acquire to run this platform. Any questions related to it's licensing, licensing cost, licensing file and validity, can make use of this tag.

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What happens when the Sitecore license got expired?

(In context of on-prem) Imagine my SC license got expired, what happens next? Will all my envs be unavailable or unusable? And is SC company able to postpone this (or vice-versa, block my envs just by ...
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Sitecore 10 Developer License [duplicate]

I am inquiring about the availability of a trial version for Sitecore 10 version, typically offered for a limited period, such as 60 days, for developers to explore the platform's capabilities. For ...
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How can I validate if my license.xml supports XM Cloud?

I have a partner license.xml file for Sitecore 10, is there a way to quickly tell just by looking at the license.xml content if XM Cloud is supported? In the past there was Sitecore.JSS but I am not ...
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Sitecore Licensing and Site Domains

I have a question about Sitecore Licensing. I am aware that number of machines, Sitecore functionalities and number of concurrent users supported would affect licensing. I was wondering whether number ...
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Extend Sitecore Expiration License

I want to know if there is a way to extend Sitecore license module to include a validation on a custom license. I know there is a way to extend it in content editor by adding processor in ...
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Downgrading from XP to XM

Has anyone ever done an XP to XM downgrade, what was involved? Does anyone know what constitutes an XP feature? Is it based on features, assemblies we include, or something else? Is there a page / ...
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My MVP license is expire, how can I request for new one?

I have been awarded Sitecore MVP this year and my last year's Sitecore MVP license is expired. What is the process to request for new Sitecore license?
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