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For questions related to the architecture, maintenance, customization and troubleshooting of Sitecore's Link Database

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What does the "Publish related items" checkbox do in Sitecore?

When you publish an item in Sitecore through the Publish item dialog, you are offered several options. You can choose between Smart publish or Republish, you can also choose whether to Publish ...
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Rebuilding link database: System.FormatException: Unrecognized Guid format

I'm trying to find the item that has a bad internal link that is causing this exception when rebuilding the link database: Job started: RebuildLinkDatabasesIndex|System.FormatException: ...
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How can I find all usages of template in insert options?

Doing a template refactor, I wanted to add a new base template and move a lot of scattered functionality to this template, including insert options. I did not know exactly where one specific template ...
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Delete Data sources without any referrers

I would like to clean sitecore and delete all local data sources that are not in use. I know that I can go through each DataSource item and check in LinkDatabase if it has referrer or not. But I have ...
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Does Sitecore cloning create extra records in Link Database?

In a scenario wherein I have many country sites and each site having a lot of content in common, I could create a master website and clone it across country sites. We know that cloning will establish ...
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