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For questions related to links and link field-types within Sitecore, including rendering, setting, references, etc.

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Sitecore multisite cross links not resolved with proper hostname

I've multisite solution setup, and sites config looks like below: <sites> <site name="localhost" hostName="" scheme="http" notFoundItem="not-found" enableTracking="true" ...
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2 answers

Setting the target on an internal link field

Is the link target dropdown editable somewhere in the Sitecore tree? On a Sitecore v8.0 (rev. 150812) system, when editing a General Link field, the content editor is unable to set the "target" ...
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2 answers

Set Data Attributes for Links to Certain Items

I have an item type called footnote. Whenever a content editor links to an item of this type I want a data attribute to be set instead of setting an href. The data attribute will contain the html that ...
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LinkManager Adds /sitecore/content into the URL

I am dynamically constructing the left menu for the product View: @foreach (var item in Model.Children) { <div class="btn btn-default"> <a id="lnk-@...
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Removing all references to an item using OOTB tools

Is there a way, in one fell swoop, to remove all references to a item? I know that it's possible to view a list of referring items from the report but is there anything out-of-box to handle the ...
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6 votes
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Cross-site links not resolving correctly in RTE fields on multi-site environment

We have two sites and We are having problem when trying to create cross site relative links in RTE field. For example. In RTE field of site2 site, if we insert a ...
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How to get a list of all external links

We want to move from http to https. Therefore we need a list of all external links in order to determine which ones have to be changes if external content is embedded. How can this be accomplished?
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Link Browser doesn't show all child items from Tree?

We're using Sitecore 8.1 Update 2 and have an issue where there is an instance where we have are a few hundred items under a single Parent item in our site. These child items show fine in the Content ...
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