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For questions related to login in Sitecore, covering questions about login using Sitecore membership and membership integration, login to the Sitecore Client or admin pages, etc.

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How to get Sitecore.Context.User after redirect from Azure ADb2c login?

I am on Sitecore 9.1 Initial Release and SXA 1.8. Implemented a custom processor for Azure ADB2C Login. I can login perfectly and fetch the claims and stuff. But on redirect to /myaccount page , I ...
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How to enable custom hashing algorithm on identity server?

I have sitecore 9.1 and I added pipeline which add new hashing algorithm (pbkdf2 implementation from Zetetic team with 5000 iterations) to CryptoConfig and changed hashAlgorithmType to pbkdf2 in ...
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Azure AD B2C login for endusers

We want to allow our endusers to login to our website using an Azure B2C AD account. I have only been able to find examples of how to add federated authentication for Sitecore accounts I have added ...
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How to use the AntiForgeryToken with a custom log-in form? [closed]

There may be several forms on any given page of our site. Distinguishing between post requests from these forms is implemented using ValidateRenderingToken. There is also AntiForgeryToken / validation ...
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Restrict access to site on subdomain

I have backoffice functionality that should require Sitecore identity server logins with specific permissions/roles. It is hosted on its own Sitecore-site definition and subdomain, for example ...
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protected languages -> Redirection

I have requirement i.e. I have some protected languages like de-DE (German), when user browsing these language ex: then he must redirect to login page. Could you please let ...
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Can SC_TICKET* keys be purged from the Properties table, and have tickets been moved elsewhere?

I'm troubleshooting an issue with slow logins on a Sitecore instance. As part of that investigation I've found a number of posts - such as Sitecore client and logon is very slow (properties table ...
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