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Questions tagged [mediaurls]

Questions related to media URLs in the Sitecore context can utilize this tag.

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File download fails between transfer

lately I'm encountering a weird issue with Sitecore 9.0.3. When I try to download a PDF file from the server, the transfer fails somewhere in the middle. It looks like a timeout. I tried to download ...
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Modify the domain name for media items in XM Cloud

On our XM Cloud site built using Nextjs the URL for media items is structured as follows: and it currently works correctly. However, my ...
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prevent MediaRequestProtection errors in Coveo lists

We have Coveo list pages(using Javascript framework) and there are MediaRequestProtection errors for the media results. ***ERROR MediaRequestProtection: An invalid/missing hash value was encountered. ...
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Issues while generating the media item url with space in item name

we have the below configuration with Sitecore 9.3 <encodeNameReplacements> <replace mode="on" find=" " replaceWith="-" /> </encodeNameReplacements> ...
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Media with aspx extension is not working

We have migrated to Sitecore 10.1 from Sitecore 8.7. In Sitecore 8, For-example, if the image location is /-/media/Project/Os-Theme/Styles/images/logo Then the following url returns the same image <...
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Disable Media.RequestProtection when page is in preview mode

I have Media.RequestProtection enabled in my Sitecore 10.0 instance. Is there way to disable this only for preview and experience editor mode.
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media item creation using Sitecore service API (HTTP POST method)- Error : Resource was not found

Post updated on 05/03 for more information: Developing a content migration tool using C# console app, using HTTP CRUD operations to access/add/update Sitecore items . To create Media items used HTTP ...
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2 answers

Display filename with extension using FileField in Sitecore

I need to display the filename with an extension for a File type field in Sitecore SXA 10.2. The field value in content contains an Url that points to the pdf documents in Media Library. var fileField ...
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Media URLs are never absolute URLs in preview mode

On my local standalone instance, I have a case where I am expecting an absolute URL for a media library item. However, in preview mode, the returned URL is never absolute: MediaUrlBuilderOptions ...
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Update Sitecore ImageField with Media Item from Content Hub

I'm writing a program that creates a new asset in Content Hub using the upload API. How do I attach that newly created asset to theImageField of an item in Sitecore. Most of the examples show how to ...
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PDF files opening in browser rather than downloading [duplicate]

Have set the forcedownload to "true" - <mediaType name="PDF file" extensions="pdf"> <mimeType>application/pdf</mimeType> <forceDownload>true</...
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2 answers

Bulk download media library in Sitecore Media Library without Encoding file names

I want to bulk download Media library in Sitecore Media Library after going through following solution Bulk download PDF media in Sitecore Media Library , but I found that after downloading zip file ...
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Sitecore media with AlwaysAppendVersion set to true adds the revision to -1 for non default language versions

Environment: Sc 10, SXA 10x, Azure PaaS Sitecore adds query string param rev=-1 to the media url whenever there is no language version available for asset other than default Language. ex: /-/media/...
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Dianoga errors in the logs for temporary file paths

Getting the below errors related to Dianoga in log files related to temporary file paths. Dianoga version used is 5.4.1 ERROR Dianoga: Unable to optimize {Image path} due to a processing error! It ...
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Sitecore Media images with path "/sitecore/shell/themes/standard/-/media" throwing 500 error

We can see 500 errors in the log files for the media files. Those files are having urls with /sitecore/shell/themes/standard/ in it. Why the media Urls uploaded in Sitecore are getting created with ...
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Sitecore media library does not render with sc_language

I uploaded Versioned image in Sitecore 10.0.1 media library. Template used is - /sitecore/templates/System/Media/Versioned/Image the image URL is also correctly rendered with sc_lang. But when I ...
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Few media files getting downloaded

We are working on Sitecore 8.1 instance where we have got a security issue. As per the issue, few media files are getting downloaded directly when we hit the url. Example - https://hostname/-/media/...
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Is there a setting that limits amount of parallel image resizes? When there are multiple images on a page performance is really slow

On Sitecore 8.2 I have a situation where images are taking way longer than expected to get served by Sitecore. Lets say I have a page with 10 images, all SVGs under 1kb. 3 images take 50ms 3 images ...
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JSS returns 404 for media items in Richtext

I have a Legacy hybrid solution on SC 9.2 where only some page types are migrated to JSS. The issue is that if I insert an Internal Sitecore Link to a media item, it returns 404. Internal link works ...
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Add query string to all Media item in Sitecore SXA 9.3

Is there any way by which I can add a query string in each media item requested in SXA include CSS, js, images, fonts, etc. Current URL -
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Media handle hash not being generated

I am using Sitecore 9.1.1 with SXA 1.8.1. I am trying to generate the image URL with hash programmatically. I tried the following code but the HashingUtils does not seem to be working - the image URL ...
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3 answers

Sitecore 9.3 Render MediaUrls by displayname with UseDisplayName from MediaUrlBuilderOptions

I have a multilanguage setup in my sitecore instance and we are using the displayname for default URLs that works great. But we also want that the media Item (images) to show up translated in the HTML....
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