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How can I utilise MongoDB for non-xDB related things in my Sitecore solution?

Assuming we have a sparking new Sitecore installation running, and have already invested in the relevant MongoDB infrastructure to keep the solution running 24x7 and so on - how can I make further use ...
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MongoDB disk IOPS

I was reading that Sitecore recommends SSD disks for MongoDB Servers, and I am wondering if What are the recommended performance values? Will I have any performance lost if not use SSD? Best ...
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What are the best practices for MongoDB replica set latency?

I'm looking to setup a environment with 3 MongoDB (1 x Primary and 2 x Secondary nodes) in different regions and wondering if: Is there any recommendations on latency (in ms) limitations for the ...
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Sizing MongoDB Servers for xDB

Is there guidance on sizing the Mongo DB servers when running xDB on premises? I've found some guidance on sizing MongoDB for session state (link) but can't find anything on the analytics side. To be ...
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Sitecore xDB cannot connect to a MongoDB replica set

On our Sitecore 8 production instance, we are getting the below error messages. This client site we have recently inherited from another partner and on preliminary investigation from our end, we see ...
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Where can I find the NuGet package(s) for MongoDB required by Sitecore 8.1 (update 3)

I've done an upgrade of Sitecore 8 to 8.1 update 3. I notice that this version of Sitecore references version of MongoDB.Bson and MongoDB.Driver. Where can I find these NuGet packages? I've ...
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How to handle xDB during a Sitecore upgrade?

This may be a vague question or too broad for Stack Exchange, but I will try it anyway. We are doing an upgrade from v7.5 to v8.1-3. We are using a hosted instance of Mongo called ObjectRocket from ...
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What happens if i remove Mongo server from a Sitecore 8 site

A client wants to cut down on servers and since they do not use the Experience Platform I am wondering if i could just eliminate the Mongo server. There is as of now absolutely no data in the Mongo ...
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