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Questions tagged [multitenancy]

For questions relating to hosting multiple tenants in a single Sitecore instance. Use the [multisite] tag for questions regarding hosting multiple sites.

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Sitecore 10 MVC Multisite Container Architecture?

Problem There is lots of documentation on how to create an MVC Sitecore site with Docker and containers. But how would you recommend creating a multisite Sitecore site for a multitenant 8+ site ...
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Is there a way to configure Sitecore Analytics to support multi tenants?

The Helix documentation ( states that: "Sitecore Analytics only allows analytics to be broken down by site and thus not by tenant." Is ...
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Multiple websites hosted in the same app pool

Is it possible to have two or more Sitecore instances with different code bases running in the same (single) application pool?
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Correct use of virtualFolder and physicalFolder

I am configuring a multiple sites with different languages using virtual folder and physical folder as there is a requirement that specifies to use the same domain to map to different nodes. These ...
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Multitenant sites vs separate folders for different functional domain

I need to create a site which contains multiple logical business fucntionalities. One way is to create multiple sites within single sitecore instance. Other possible option is to have multiple folders ...
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Sitecore using multiple IIS Websites configured with same physical path

We have a multiple sites Sitecore instance at our client. The architect is attempting to reconfigure that each sub-site has a dedicated IIS Website pointing to one physical path where the instance is ...
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Analytics Tracker Config: What is the Proper Configuration for Multisite?

In Sitecore 8.0+, the invention of the Sitecore.Analytics.Tracker was introduced to provide Session based Analytic tracking to be sent to xDB. This is maintained in the config file Sitecore.Analytics....
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What are the implications of setting EnableTracking to True for "modules_shell" site?

In ECM 2.2, the RegisterEmailOpened.aspx was located in sitecore_modules directory, which is mapped to the Sitecore site "modules_shell". In EXM 3.3, this page is moved to /sitecore/ and made an ashx....
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How do I configure Sitecore to serve multiple sites?

I want to configure my instance of Sitecore to respond with different sites at different urls. How can I do this?
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