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Questions related to Sitecore MVC (Model-View-Controller) with the use of forms.

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How to get simple form post to work in Sitecore MVC 8.2?

I am new to Sitecore MVC and I am trying to set up a simple form post to work. First I have a content item that has a number of renderings set up in the presentation details. One of those renderings ...
6 votes
1 answer

Sitecore MVC Form Post with Area

I'm using Areas in my Sitecore MVC solution. I THINK I want to post to my form back to the same controller just like a typical MVC project (having a HttpPost attribute in my controller). Maybe that's ...
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9 votes
2 answers

How do I do custom forms in Sitecore MVC?

I am trying to get a form in my MVC Controller Rendering to work. I have read these posts: https://ctor....
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6 votes
1 answer

Pre-populate form fields in WFFM

I have a requirement to pre-populate fields from an external source. Is there a way to hook into a pipeline to achieve this? I'm thinking something similar to how Sitecore can populate the fields by ...
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How to use the AntiForgeryToken with a custom log-in form? [closed]

There may be several forms on any given page of our site. Distinguishing between post requests from these forms is implemented using ValidateRenderingToken. There is also AntiForgeryToken / validation ...