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npm sxa command installation error

I am using Visual Professional 2022, with Sitecore 10.0 I am trying to install SXA for themes. But when I run the command npm install -g @sitecore/sxa-cli --force It's installing the required files ...
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Debug SXA theme

We are running Sitecore 9.1.1 and SXA 1.8.1. We create theme by using npm command (npm run build). This command does bundling, minification and create a zip file. We import that Zip file into the SXA ...
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I was unable to setup my Sitecore 10.2 Angular app using latest NPM version 8.6.0 Node 17.8.0

While setting up my first headless Sitecore 10.2 angular app, I was getting errors like unable to resolve dependency tree Sitecore version 10.2 NPM version 8.6.0 Node 17.8.0 Command that is failing: ...
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Sitecore JSS getting build error VUE.JS Sample app

I am getting following error when trying to run jss build on sample Vue JS app. ERROR Error: No module factory available for ...
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What version of sitecore jss is compatible with a given sitecore-jss npm package

I am trying to find some sort of compatibility matrix that will tell me what version of JSS is compatible with the sitecore-jss npm ...
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SXA CLI not executing

I have installed the latest SXA CLI (@sxa/CLI) on a development computer. When I run "sxa init" I get: SyntaxError: The requested module 'file:///D:/XXXXx/AppData/Roaming/npm/node_modules/@...
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Unable to get local issuer certificate with Sitecore JSS Create

I am trying to create JSS app locally however getting below error while running the Sitecore JSS creates command. Error:Unable to get local issuer certificate Command: jss create appname react I am ...
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