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Questions tagged [odata]

Open Data Protocol, is an open protocol to allow the creation and consumption of queryable and interoperable RESTful APIs in a simple and standard way. All question related to OData in reference with Sitecore should use this tag.

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Getting error on multiple level children with field values using Sitecore Odata Itemservice

I am trying to get on multiple-level children with field values using Sitecore Odata Itemservice. I am using the below query: Query: sitecore/api/ssc/aggregate/content/Items('/sitecore/content/Booked'...
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Is there a way to get rendering details of a sitecore item via Sitecore item Odata services?

We have a requirement to migrate content pages from Sitecore to AEM. For this we are using Sitecore Odata services approach. But this only provides information about page item fields and not ...
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"Parent context is required for this entity type" when querying for Contact Interactions on xConnect OData

We are using Microsoft Power BI to mine into xConnect OData. We are interested, among other things, in the Interactions of our contacts. However, Power BI generates requests that cannot be fulfilled ...
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Fetch related items with Sitecore odata API result

I have a field in an item, which is data sourced as a multi list. When I try to access my item fields using OData Service, I am getting the multi-list field values as selected Item Ids. Is there any ...
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How can I use Commerce API in order to add data to the Shared Environments database?

I made a Sitecore API and registered a Router, and after that, I called it through PostmanAPI. I write a command process to add data to the database but follow the default when inheriting from ...
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Is it possible to query an integer in OData?

I'm trying to query an integer field using Sitecore's OData ItemService. This is my data: "FieldValues": { "$count": 3, "SiteName": "SiteA", "Min": "...
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Generate downloadable link in Odata item service

I want add some media and files in sitecore and expose it through Odata Item Service to so that an external system can download the file from sitecore. But when we request any item over Odata, getting ...
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