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Questions tagged [packages]

Used to tag questions about content and module packages. You can create packages using the Package Designer or Sitecore Rocks.

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10 votes
3 answers

Detecting when an item being saved is during package installation

I have a custom item:saving event handler which contains some specific logic when a user user makes a change to an item. This works fine but when we create a content package from a different ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to install zip file package from Installation Wizard using Powershell DSC?

I am trying to automate installing a "zip" package files from Sitecore's installation wizard. But I'm unable to work out how to allow an automation using PowerShell DSC to log in and trigger the ...
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17 votes
5 answers

Publishing without SQL

What approach should I use to enable a customer to deploy content (just items) from their CM environment to a CD environment, where the CD environment would not allow any SQL ports through the ...
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16 votes
4 answers

What are the differences between update and zip packages

What is the difference between an update package (with *.update extension) and a regular package created from the Package Designer in the Sitecore Desktop? I know that: update packages are ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How to convert a Sitecore package into a WDP package?

How can I convert a given Sitecore Package previously created using the Package Designer into a WDP package, so that I can create a script to deploy it on my Azure instances?
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8 votes
2 answers

How to increase request timeout for rocks connection?

I'm getting below error when trying to build package using Sitecore Rocks. While building package it takes some time so the connection is getting timed out. The request channel timed out while ...
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5 votes
1 answer

GetBrowserClassString() Throws Error when installing a package in SXP8.1U3

Having problems when uploading a Sitecore Package from one environment to the next. Both environments have the same version level (Sitecore XP 8.1U3 / EXM 3.3). Screen error message reads: [...
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1 answer

Creating nuget package with sitecore items, dll and config

We need to create NuGet packages for reusable code to be used across our organization. Each component to be packaged contains dll, configs, and Sitecore items. My doubt is - Is there any specific ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Installing SXA 1.7 : One or more exceptions occurred while processing the subscribers to the 'item:saved' event [closed]

while trying to install SXA 1.7, i have run across the following error: One or more exceptions occurred while processing the subscribers to the 'item:saved' event. I uploaded the package, then ...
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1 answer

NullReferenceException when installing Sitecore SXA

I have a fresh installation of Sitecore 9.0.1 rev 171219 and am attempting to install SXA 1.6. I've downloaded the package and when attempting to install it, it fails with the following error in the ...
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2 answers

Allow all characters in ItemNameValidation setting

Trying to install a package which has the item names with characters like (', '.', '). How can I temporarily disable ItemNameValidation setting? Tried changing the setting to '.*' which did not help....
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