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Questions tagged [pdf]

The PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format. Any question related to this file format in Sitecore environment, may this this tag.

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How to download a PDF file from Sitecore Form(9.2) custom submit action

I have a pdf file of the type byte array. Using Sitecore form custom submit action, I need to download/open the same as pdf in the user's machine. I tried to achieve the same by adding response ...
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Link external resource in sitecore 9.3 media library

We have a Sitecore 9.3 instance running a site. Our problem is that resources uploaded on the Media Library occupy too much disk space. We want to create a custom media library object that links to a ...
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PDF files downloading rather than opening in a tab

We recently upgraded to Sitecore 9 and noticed that our PDF links are now downloading rather than opening in a new tab. I have tried changing the forceDownload in the the Sitecore.config to false, ...
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How to display PDF link in SXA

I'm using Sitecore 9.1 and SXA 1.8. I have a few PDF files in my website. How to implement PDF Download in SXA (Sitecore fields Description-Text and PDF-Link)? When visitor clicks Description-Text ...
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Returning a file stream from a Controller

I have pdf files in folder, I want user enable to download file, in MVC controller its quite simple as below return File(fileBytes, System.Net.Mime.MediaTypeNames.Application.Octet, filename); but ...
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Uploading a PDF is stripping off accessibility data

The PDF file format is very versatile, and one of the things it can contain is accessibility information. (Metadata for the benefit of screen readers, etc.) On our Sitecore 8 install, we have PDFs ...
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