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Sitecore IP Geo location Service-Personalization with Geo-based conditions does not work

Sitecore Personalization using GEO IP is not executed . I have activated "Sitecore IP Geo location Service" and followed all steps needed to activate the service for Sitecore instance (8.1 update 1) ...
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Behavioral personalization?

We currently have a site that uses some simple personalization based on some "if/then" conditions. For instance, we have one component that is personalized based on date. Another is based on whether ...
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Personalize a component using outcomes

I would like to personalize a component depending on whether a certain outcome has been triggered in the last 30 days. In my opinion the condition below should be able to get the job done: where ...
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How to apply personalization rule programmatically?

We would like to apply personalization rule on Sitecore rendering. This rule needs to be applied on a rendering on multiple pages. Author want us to do it programmatically instead of manually applying ...
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Can I change the order of components in placeholder based on personalization?

I've seen a few examples on how you can use personalization in Sitecore to personalize the way a component (rendering / sub-layout) is displayed on your webpage. However, most of these guides explain ...
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How does Sitecore "match" a pattern card for personalization?

I understand the basic concepts of pattern cards and profile keys. But how does Sitecore determine that a user matches a particular pattern card? How many pages tagged with that card does a user need ...
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How to invoke other actions in Conditional Renderings?

Another question here (Can I change the order of components in placeholder based on personalization?) got me thinking - maybe there was a way to actually dynamically assign a placeholder to a ...
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Reusing a set of personalization rules?

I am a marketer responsible for setting up a new campaign on our Sitecore website. We have content which we want to target at a very specific customer segment -- customers from a specific Geo on ...
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Excluding IPs from analytics, but keeping personalization.

I want to exclude some groups of internal users from analytics, but keep the website personalized for them (and gather data for future personalization). I tried 2 approaches and none of them worked: ...
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Personalization conditions switching doesn`t work in Experience Editor

We are on 9.1.0, Initial Release We personalize one particular rendering on page item. There are some different conditions that have different datasource item for this rendering. Personalization ...
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Personalization using a Campaign not working

I have created a Test Campaign. I am now trying to Personalize a home page component using the Campaign trigger. However the Personalization rule is not firing. I can see the campaign has been ...
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How to group multiple rules to one rule condition?

We are looking on how to consolidate a list of rules under a category or group condition. So, instead of content editor selecting multiple rules on a component, he/she selects something like "where ...
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2 answers

Component not updating according to pattern card

This is my first time I am using the personalization using persona. My problem is that in the experience analytics I can see that my page visits resembles the "Batman Pattern Card" as shown in ...
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Does personalization require a specific license?

I'm looking at the list of licenses and wondering if there is one specific license that enables personalization. If so, which license should I be looking for? Using Sitecore.NET 8.0 (rev. 151127)
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Sitecore custom personalization rule not appearing in Custom Rule Editor

I am facing a weird issue. Our custom personalization rules are not appearing in the Rule Set Editor window. These are not new rules and they used to appear all the time. All the already applied rules ...
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How do I do a component test for a personalized component?

I'm running Sitecore 8.1 (Original Release), using the personalization features of Sitecore. Here's what my setup looks like: I have a "donate" banner component that is personalized based on how much ...
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1 answer

Some Sitecore 8 conditions for conditional renderings seem missing in Sitecore 9

I tried to use some of the OOTB conditional rendering rules for personalization I had running in a Sitecore 8 instance, after upgrade/migrate to Sitecore 9 and ran into the fact that some of them no ...
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Share Sitecore content to Native Mobile Apps (IOS swift and Android java)

If we wanted to provide data (get/set operations on content tree, analytics, personalization, tracking data) from Sitecore 9 to native mobile apps (not based on Sitecore Mobile SDK and Xamarin but ...
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Does Sitecore SXA supports personalization between rendering variants?

I have come across the situation where we want to implement personalization between the rendering variants for a given rendering. I know we can do the personalization between the renderings but I'm ...
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Engagement value points condition not working in SXA personalization

I am using personalization in Sitecore 8.2 SXA. I am using the engagement value point condition so that when the number of points reach certain number, the user is shown another content. But it is not ...
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Why is my CHECKOUT stream event failing in Sitecore CDP/Sitecore Personalize?

When trying to create an order in Sitecore CDP/Sitecore Personalize, I am sending in an ADD, CONFIRM and CHECKOUT event but my checkout event is continuously failing. Why are some reasons that a ...
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Component's personalization rule applies only once

In our solution we're using custom personalization rule to show/hide components based on some criteria. This rule works fine but only for the first time the user visits the page after it's published ...
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Run personalization rule programatically

I have built a custom peronsalization rule that sets a theme against a component. Each user can also choose a site theme which is stored against a contact. I then want to use this logic to build up ...
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How to hide WFFM field with personalization rules in client-side?

We are trying to hide some form field based on some condition but the existing Rules Action hides the filed from the server side. We will be storing some value in field and these values will be ...
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