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For questions specifically related to Sitecore's Query Builder field type. This tag is not meant for questions about building Sitecore queries.

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Get Sitecore Items based on the dates by using graphql

I have a requirement to fetch the news items in between the fromDate and toDate. fromDate and toDate need to pass as a parameter so i am unable to forming the query. for your reference please find the ...
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How to write query for multiple Datasource locations

The content tree is like this sitecore |_ content |_ Home |_ Datasources |_ Banners |_ About |_ Datasources |_ Banners |_ Datasources |_ Banners Home & About are ...
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Setting a Relative Data Source in a Control

I have an Example page with a control on it. I want to reference a grandchild SubItem in that control. When I specify the full path as the Data Source everything works fine. However, I want to ...
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Queries for null or empty strings

I tried to apply exactly what is on the following link to query fields with null or empty strings
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Build Scope Query to Get First level of Children

I am using Sitecore 9.1.1 and SXA 1.8.1 I have an item called Seat, this item is a parent to many other items on multiple levels of two templates, Topic Details and Topic Listing. In Seat (my parent ...
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set relative query to datasource

Each Article uses datasource underneath. I'm using query to find CTA button of current item but it returns nothing. query:.//Article Datasource/Article Top Content .
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Multilist pick subcategory based on the category selection

I have a Categories Item and Each category has Sub categories - Category 1 - Sub Category 1 - Sub Category 1 - Sub Category 1 - Category 2 - Sub Category 2 - Sub ...
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How to sort items by date inside a sitecore query?

I am trying to sort items inside a query under a variant. I used +template:{00000-0000-0000-0000-000000000};+sxa:TaggedWithAtLeastOneTagFromCurrentPage|SxaTags;+sxa:ExcludeCurrentPage;sort:...
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Get items which datetime custom field is greater than specified value using Search Query Builder

I am trying to create query using Search Query builder (used to create new Item Query in SXA site) that will return items where custom datetime field value is in defined range. I can see that there ...
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Using the Query Builder Field Type

I'm trying to set up an item to allow a content editor to easily select a group of items in a subtree. I can use a droptree that points to a root item and then a Multilist to select template types ...
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Filtering results when field is empty with query builder fields

How I can use sitecore query fields to filter and not bring results if a specific field is empty? I have tried something like this: location:{41c52cce-69cc-444d-b505-044addf0d9e1};-custom:title|'' ...
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