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Questions tagged [redirect]

For questions related to redirects in Sitecore, covering native redirects configuration and functionality, customization, programmatic redirects as part of page functionality, and other redirect-related questions

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0 answers

Language specific redirects with UrlRewrite sitecore module

I've done alot of looking around but I can't seem to find the answer to an issue I am facing. Is it possible to use the UrlRewrite module from the Sitecore marketplace to perform language specific ...
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3 answers

Redirect map template not working in sitecore 10.2

In Sitecore 10.2 Sxa, I am trying to add redirection rules with redirect map, which is under the settings item. But when I try to add a redirect map , redirection does not work. What could be the ...
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Sitecore Controller MVC Redirect takes me to base URL instead of specified path

I am having an issue in Sitecore where when I try to redirect to a particular page from within a Controller, it takes me to the home URL of the website instead of the path that I am specifying. This ...
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2 answers

Redirect 2 different DNS names to two different pages in IIS

We have a server that hosts two applications on the same default site. Default Web Site Inventory Expenses We also have two DNS names pointing to the same ip address: ...
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2 answers

Third Party alias within Sitecore 8.2

When we transferred over to Sitecore the agency that helped us do this used a third party alias/redirect app supposedly within Sitecore to redirect a lot of links from the old website. From what I ...
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Custom Redirect to Parent page other than 404

I have a parent page with many children pages. Some of those children were deleted and I would like to redirect those broken pages that currently go to 404 page back to the parent page. I am ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Sitecore redirect module auto-generated redirects have wrong requested url

Sitecore 8.2 update 3. Single site. Redirect Module: The redirect module is automatically creating the redirect rules when an item's url changes, but it ...
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SXA Redirect URL with Query String

I've tested a number of redirect scenarios using the map URL in SXA, but cannot get the URL structured below to redirect. Is it possible to redirect a query string with the following format? It seems ...
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1 answer

Sitecore + next.js 301 redirects

Is there a way to handle (receive in the middleware for example) 301/302 status code from Sitecore server returned to next.js as a response for Layout service call? I used to use custom Node based ...
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2 answers

Embedding language in home page url

I am using Sitecore 10.3 and JSS next app, I need to add language in the home page URL. Ex: to, also need all URLs to end with /. can I do this from IIS??
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301 Redirect Module works randomly with languages

We are using this 301 Redirect Module: We have an issue where we are redirecting with the language identifier in place in the URL to a URL that does not ...
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0 answers

URL Redirect map is not working when i use the language in the OLD URL path

In the Sitecore 8.2: I'm trying to redirect the OLD URL to the NEW URL. Using the Redirect MAP 301. When I use language code in the OLD URL the redirection is not working. It's resolved to 404. other ...
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Sitecore form Redirect to page submit a action redirecting to wrong url

I am using Sitecore 10.1. The Sitecore form's redirect to page submit action is redirecting to the wrong url. I have two Sites in the Sitegrouping (Auth and Prod). Auth Site is using the master ...
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Implement domain redirects while using sitecore URL Rewrite module

In this post we have successfully implemented the subdomain redirect so now I'm going to implement domain redirect itself. Entered URL: Expected URL: ...
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1 answer

Redirect mapping for media items in Sitecore

Is there any way we can redirect mapping of media item in Sitecore SXA just like redirect map of the page?
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Add site or domain name condition in IIS Rewrite Rules

I have 2 sites with name like and I am trying to add Rewrite rule for only. <rule name="Custom Rule" stopProcessing="true&...
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Redirect Item To Fallback

I am doing internal redirects. I need to have the target item point back to fallback if no current language is available. Any insights here? LinkField TOURL = RedirectItem.Fields["To url"]; Item ...
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