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Questions tagged [rendering-parameters]

Rendering parameters can be used to pass parameters to Sitecore presentation components. Any question relevant to this concept can make use of this tag.

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Change rendering parameter when rendering is added to a page with a specific template

I have a rendering parameter used all over my site with a field called breakpoint and a standard value of medium. On a specific page template, I want that value to be large when the rendering is added ...
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Unable to read Rendering Parameters template fields using powershell

There is a page template called X being used to create a number of pages. There are two renderings A and B being used on many pages that created from X page template. Now I want to set the one ...
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Load value dynamically in edit component properties window

I have a checkbox field(includelevel2) and I need to load the value dynamically in a droptree field(parent folder) based on the checkbox event. Is it possible to achieve because both the fields are ...
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How to get a specific Sitecore rendering parameter from any razor file?

I have created a rendering parameter. It is bound to a rendering called ProductRendering in its parameters template. This rendering is a controller rendering and points to a razor file called product....
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