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Questions tagged [rules-engine]

For questions related to Sitecore's Rules Engine feature, which facilitates the processing of conditions and actions in Sitecore for personalization and other features, both native and custom

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Check if boost rule has been applied to an item

I am implementing functionality to push certain items in my content tree down in search results depending on a "discontinued" checkbox field. I have created a rule item under /sitecore/system/Settings/...
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Is it possible to personalize content via Xamarin SDK or SSC using rules?

I was looking into Xamarin SDK and Creating a SSC to provide data to a Xamarin App, but I was wondering ... Is there a way to personalize data shown in Xamarin(or any Mobile App for that matter) based ...
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WFFM - Rule Set Editor - Active Directory Federated Identity

I am trying to create a rule for a WFFM email address field to populate the field with the logged in users email address. But, I am not sure what rule to use or if any of the rules will work at all ...
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Device Detection Rules not triggering

I am using Sitecore 9.0.1 where I have created a new device (in the name of "AMP") item under layout/device in my content editor. I would be configuring Layouts/Renderings (AMP files) in my page ...
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Powershell script to update personalization rule

I want to update the personalization rule for all the pages which have one common rendering. Is it possible to identify the rendering using Powershell and update the personalization rule to the target ...
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Experience Optimization active tests aren't counting visitors

Version 9.2.0 Summary After creating a content test, the number of visitors aren't reducing on page visits nor does it seem to be selecting content based on the Percentage of visitors exposed to the ...
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Save Item Rule - Inserting item causes recursion

I am using the rule engine to insert a branch template under an item on Item Save. The problem is that each item in the branch subsequently triggers Item Save. Is there a way to prevent the branch ...
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Component's personalization rule applies only once

In our solution we're using custom personalization rule to show/hide components based on some criteria. This rule works fine but only for the first time the user visits the page after it's published ...
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XConnect custom predicate: XdbSearchUnavailableException after call is being made

I'm trying to create a custom predicate to search a particular profile in a contact's profile using Sitecore 9.0.1. Here's the code: public class ContactProfilMatches : ICondition, ...
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Multiple versions of sitecore item under the page testing are retrieved from solr index

After the creation a page test for item, which is recorded to SOLR index, in Experience Optimization and creation some page versions to test against (during the test creation), when I get items from ...
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Is there a way to only allow a site visitor to trigger a goal once?

I am diving into Sitecore rules for Goals. We have a goal with points, "Download White Paper". However I only want that goal to trigger once for a user in a current or subsequent visits. I have ...
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Failed to get type of condition exception when applying personalization rule, based on QueryString

We are trying to personalize a component based on a Device Detection rule where the query string matches value. This is not working properly and below error is getting logged in Sitecore logs. Any ...
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Implement Sitecore Rules with Data Exchange Framework

We followed this nice article to add rules that give friendly names at the item:created event and it's working fine.
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