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For questions related to Sitecore's Rules Engine feature, which facilitates the processing of conditions and actions in Sitecore for personalization and other features, both native and custom

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How to handle insert rules in multisite environment?

I've got some insert rules defined for my website, now I have to convert this into a multi site solution. My current insert rules apply to the new site. How can I restrict insert rules to work only on ...
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WhenCondition<T> Rule custom code not firing

I need an assist. I'm running into a situation where code that was written for a custom rule is not firing. I have put breakpoints in Visual Studio and the breakpoints are never hit. My solution is ...
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Converting RuleList back to XML

I have a piece of code to add a new Rule to an Item field but i can't work out how to convert this back to XML, Can anyone point me in the right direction? :) The RuleFactory doesn't appear to offer ...
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How to check if contact has ever opened specific EXM email?

I am using Sitecore 8.2 initial release and EXM 4.0.0 rev. 161028 for it. I am creating an engagement plan and I want to create a rule condition which would say "Has contact opened email with ...
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Capture Rules Engine Stack Overflows

It is possible within the rules engine to create a scenario where a set of rules cause an infinite loop. Take for example the following rule that has a When Condition to itself: This example is very ...
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General Link Dialog "InsertLinkViaTreeDialog" misses InsertLinkRules after Upgrade to 8.2u2

We recently upgraded from Sitecore 8.1u1 to Sitecore 8.2u2 and noticed that the general link field dialog "InsertLinkViaTreeDialog" has a different structure now. We had a custom field that was ...
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WFFM - Rule Set Editor - Active Directory Federated Identity

I am trying to create a rule for a WFFM email address field to populate the field with the logged in users email address. But, I am not sure what rule to use or if any of the rules will work at all ...
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How do I restrict mime types on files uploaded through a WFFM form in MVC?

I am looking for a way to restrict MIME Types on files uploaded through a WFFM form. What I am really hoping for is a way to control the allowed MIME Types using the rules engine. Even if the solution ...
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2 answers

Dependency Injection for a Sitecore Rule

I've got a Sitecore Rule, based on WhenCondition<T> where T : RuleContext Is there a way to use dependency injection on a sitecore rule? Currently having to use service locator pattern within ...
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How do I execute an action when a user clicks a link in an EXM email?

I would like to execute an a rule (condition and action) when a user clicks a link in an EXM email. The ability to trigger a goal would also be acceptable. This seems like a simple request, but ...
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Adjust component parameters based on placeholder

I'm trying to add Parameters to a rendering based on the placeholder it's been inserted into. I've been trying to handle this using rules (after reading through this blog post): I created a new ...
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2 answers

Binary rule for list segmentation

We have custom facets for contacts and these facets are used for segmentation in lists (segmentation rules defined at '/sitecore/system/Settings/Rules/Definitions/Elements/Segment Builder'). ...
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Prepopulate WFFM field with username

I would like to use the rules engine to prepopulate a WFFM form field with the logged in user's username. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get this to work, even though the conditions and actions that I ...
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ClientScript.RegisterForEventValidation in a custom RuleAction class

I managed to have my dependent droplists (WFFM dependent drop lists) populated via a custom WFFM RuleAction by using a lot of JavaScript but now since I add dynamically the values in my second ...
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How to invoke other actions in Conditional Renderings?

Another question here (Can I change the order of components in placeholder based on personalization?) got me thinking - maybe there was a way to actually dynamically assign a placeholder to a ...
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18 votes
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Can I change the order of components in placeholder based on personalization?

I've seen a few examples on how you can use personalization in Sitecore to personalize the way a component (rendering / sub-layout) is displayed on your webpage. However, most of these guides explain ...
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